Here are sime simple tools to help you in figuring out how much coverage material you will need for your project. We can drop it off at your site or if you'd like, we can spread it too!



We recommend you split the landscape up into simple shapes, find the square footage of each individually by using the calculator below. Then use the total of all areas when entering a "Landscape Area" total. This calculator will give you accurate results providing your measurements are true and accurate.


Step One:
If you already know the correct square footage of your landscape area then proceed to step two.
Find the square footage of a =

Step 2:
Desired Thickness of Mulch or Soil: 
Landscape Area (sq. ft.): 
(Use the calculator above to get your square footage)
click to calculate
Amount of mulch or soil You will need:
cubic yards
2-cubic-foot bags or
3-cubic-foot bags or
cubic feet (for estimating))
pickup truck loads (midsize)
(for estimating)


If you have questions about covering your yard - please contact us.


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