Sodding for a beautiful lawn

In preparing to sod a yard Clifton Park Landscape avoids the biggest mistake many people make in sodding their lawns: failing to prepare the soil adequately. Results will be best, particularly over the long haul, when soil is prepared for sodding the same way it is for seeding. It's one chance to get the job done right. Once sod is in place, any opportunity to improve the soil significantly is gone for good.

Soil must be worked up, fertilizer containing both phosphorous and potassium added (if they are indicated by a soil test), and the whole thing leveled and raked smooth. Nitrogen can be raked into the surface or added after sod is laid; it's the only one of the three major plant nutrients that dissolves readily in water, moving easily into the root zone.

If it's necessary to bring in good soil to augment the yard's current composition we bring in good top soil and rototill it into the upper part of the existing soil. This is particularly important if your soil is sandy.

Clifton Park Landscape suggests watering newly laid sod regularly, as often as two or three times daily if it's really hot or windy. As it roots down into the soil, gradually reduce the frequency of watering but begin to water more heavily. Eventually you'll be able to water thoroughly once a week, maybe twice on sandy soil.

Mow the sod as if it were established grass; just don't cut it too short. Grass that is maintained a little to the tall side (3 inches or so in summer) grows deeper roots and will be less prone to disease problems.

Once your lawn is established, it is easy to keep it beautiful indefinitely. The three essential steps to achieve a beautiful healthy lawn, they are water, mow and fertilize, by following these steps you can have a beautiful, healthy lawn with minimal effort. A thriving healthy lawn will keep weeds out, eliminate disease, and have a beautiful lush appearance.


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