Well Planned and Executed Landscaping

A well-designed landscape is a delight for your family, enhances your neighborhood and community and adds to the resale value of your property. But landscape design involves a whole lot more than the placing of trees, shrubs and other plants on your property. Good landscaping deals with the proper arrangement or organization of outdoor space for human satisfaction and enjoyment.

Landscaping may also involve considerations about water usage, energy efficiency, the attraction or repulsion of birds and insects, human space utilization and the interrelation of the landscape with surrounding buildings - current and future.

With Clifton Park Landscape as your partner you can be certain that your landscaping project will consider all related aspects of your home, your living style and your yard uses.


What you can expect of Clifton Park Landscape...

  • Professional design or redesign of a part or of your entire yard.
  • We listen to your desires for colors, types of plants, maintenance needs and how you want your landscaping to impact your home - then we will recommend ways to achieve your desires.
  • We plan your landscaping to assure that the plants are placed to account for things such as degree of sunlight which will hit them, the closeness to the walls of your home, the future root spread needs of the plant/tree, drainage needs for the plant/tree the interaction of plants with the other plants surrounding them.
  • We include planning of the proper drainage within our landscaping projects. There is little use in completing a project, only to have the plants under perform or die due to improper drainage.
  • The plants and trees we suggest are those that we feel will best meet your desires and make your yard look its best with optimal maintenance needs.
  • We use the best manufactured block in the business. Our hardscapes are second to none.
  • Our hardscape designs also incorperate the importance of drainage to assure you a lifetime of beauty..


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